Department structure:

The department is headed by a leader, who coordinates three agents for the organization of the industrial tourism.


The implementation of measures what was approved by the Program of the development of the industrial tourism in the city Kryvyi Rih during 2016-2020 years, the formation of a favorable tourist image of the city, the positioning of the city on the international tourist market.


• Establishing business contacts with foreign and domestic partners in the field of industrial tourism, establishment of partner relationships, business letter writing.
• Making content of the official web-site of industrial tourism development in the city, providing data base of industrial tourism services as well as promotion of the city at national and international tourism market.
• Inventory and creation of municipal register of industrial tourism objects, determination of top-priority objects for development of touristic routes.
• Development of excursions, routes taking into account social, age, professional and other features of tourists.
• Analysis of travel services market, current touristic infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, tour operator and travel agencies)
• Preparation of monographs, guide-books, booklets, brochures  presenting tourist possibilities of the city.
• Analysis of domestic and world tendencies of industrial tourism establishment.
• Presentation of the city at the international scientific conferences, specialized regional, national and international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad as well as organization of similar events in the city.
• Providing of concluding contracts with industrial enterprises, museums, show-rooms of city for organization and realization of excursions.
• Holding competitions of industrial tourism orientation.