Structure of the Department:

The Department is headed by the leader who coordinates a translator, IT specialist and computer graphics specialist.

The goal of the Department:

The coverage of CDI activities in the media including official web resources of the enterprise, establishing communication with the international partners, development of promotional materials.

Tasks of the Department:

• ensuring communication and its coordination, establishing and maintaining partnership relations with foreign and domestic partners, enterprises, public sector, media, government,
• administration of the web resources of the enterprise in English and Ukrainian, creating their content and design;
• preparation of application forms for grant programs in Ukrainian and English;
• development of ideas and / or design of printing materials, promotional videos, logos, messages and presentations, creating 3D models of objects, etc;
• preparation of materials: for official statements, press, publications, articles, information reports, printing products;
• translation of materials related to the activities of the enterprise, presentations, promotional materials, proposals, letters to / from the foreign partners, materials for posting on web resources, information for the investors as well as the conference proceedings, meetings, seminars, business meetings, etc.