Structure of the Department:

The department is headed by a leader, who coordinates an investment analyst and expert of the foreign economic issues.

The goal of the Department:

Development and implementation of local development projects, development of investment products, search for investors and their support.

Tasks of the Department:

• development and support of the investment projects / development projects implementation;
• preparation of projects and applications for taking part at grant competitions and programs;
• search for potential investors to establish interaction and collaboration with them;
• establishment and support of relationships with donor organizations and foundations which provide grant and information support;
• information support of "Investor's guide" module, posted on the "Kryvyi Rih Resource Center" site;
• holding the activities aimed at developing the industrial park of the city;
• accumulation of ideas aimed at the development of the city investment potential based on its specifications, capabilities and needs;
• participation at the study of the objects of potential investment attractiveness;
• taking part at the receiving the foreign delegations and groups;
• preparation of requests to potential investors, donors, partners, including international ones