The marketing strategy of the city Kryvyi Rih is a document that is the key of economic growing and prosperity of the city in the changing conditions nowadays.

This is a kind of advertising of the city, its advantages and individual characteristics, the way to the favorable promotion and positioning of Kryvyi Rih on the international arena. The main objective of marketing strategy implementation is to increase the competitiveness of the city, and as a result, attracting investments, replenishing the budget and increasing the welfare of the residents.

That is why the implementation of the Marketing strategy is one of the priority directions of the «Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution».

The marketing strategy (branding)of the city Kryvyi Rih consists of two main elements:

- A comfortable environment for life;

- Favorable conditions for the attracting of investments and introducing of the entrepreneurial activity.

The formation of a positive image of the city will promote to the preservation and development of the population and to the attraction of domestic and foreign investments into the economy to create a wide range of enterprises with high productivity and the possibility of the comprehensive employment of the inhabitants of Kryvyi Rih and, consequently, the sustainable development of the city.

The active introduction of branding to identify the city in the global network of cities and promote it in the market will contribute to the strategic vision of the city as the cleanest mining and metallurgical center of the world.

The colors of the logo symbolize the modern source of development and the capacity of our city - these are the colors of deposits of iron ore and the process of melting of the metal. The deposits of iron ore gave the basis of the basic graphic elements of the logo - the layers from which the horn was formed, because iron ore lies with the layers in the depths of the earth. In different parts of the city, we can see layers of the ore rocks. This is its specific and special feature.

Brend Goroda KR logo1