Excursion for representatives of Konrad Adenauer Foundation from Germany


What is waiting for Kryvyi Rih and other Ukrainian industrial cities? Does heavy industry have a future in the modern post-industrial world? Is there a "life after the factories"?

It was with such questions that a delegation from the Kharkiv office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation visited our city on April 16.


In Germany, such questions came up suddenly - during the crisis of the 1960s and 1970s in the coal and metallurgical Ruhr region. Shafts and factories closed, the streets filled with demonstrations of the unemployed. But Germany was able to go through the complex structural changes in the economy, breathing new life into the industrial region. This experience is relevant for Ukraine as well.


The Konrad Adenauer Foundation's Kharkiv office invited everyone who viewed the documentary "The mystery of the Landscape Park Duisburg" - a successful example of transformations in the Ruhr region. After review there was a panel discussion about the future of the city and other industrial cities of Ukraine.

For the delegation of the Fund, the Department of Industrial Tourism of the PU “Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution” arranged excursions to the industrial tourism sites of our city.


The quarry and a museum of PJSC "Southern Mining and Processing Plant" and the unique open-air museum of mining machinery at ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih have attracted a great deal of enthusiasm.