On April 23, informational meeting of representatives of local governments and business with the head of the National project "Horizon 2020" Tetyana Kotenko was held on the basis of the PU “Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution".


How to create a more favorable economic climate for investments and innovations of our city? How to identify effective forms of encouraging the activities of various forms of business, including medium and small? Is it possible in the conditions of the present-day Ukraine to provide the main investments, providing the maximum opportunities for further development of innovative small and medium enterprises, creating at the same time the conditions for the growth of their profits?


The answers to these and other questions concerning the economic development of the city in the field of small and medium business were carefully considered on the examples of successfully implemented European projects.

The title of the program - Horizon 2020 - Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises - reflects the aspirations of our city's community to ensure the development of new ideas, economic growth and jobs for the future in the field of small and medium business in Kryvyi Rih.


Kostiantyn Kasyanenko, the director of PU “Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution", congratulated the participants of the meeting and expressed confidence in the importance and effectiveness of the event: "I am convinced that Horizon 2020 will promote creation of even better conditions, first of all, for the development of small and medium business in our city. We always strive to change for the better and open for innovation. "

The Horizon 2020 program, with an aggregate budget of approximately € 80 billion, is a huge resource for advancing innovative ideas, technology transfer and research commercialization.5

During the discussion, issues related to the involvement of small and medium-sized businesses in COSME were considered as one of the key EU programs with a budget of 2.3 billion euros. It should be noted that it is the accession to COSME that gives Ukraine access to the program budget about 900 million euro. Financial resources are provided in the form of grants for financing innovative projects.

In general, the discussion was interesting , the participants' questions were meaningful, and answers the them were detailed and substantive. This will help create new jobs, fully utilize the city's resources, attract investment, increase production and, as a result, solve the economic and social problems of Kryvyi Rih. Here is the "green" energy, transport, and climate change, and human health.

In developing the Horizon 2020 program, the main task was to make it more coherent and easy to attract, in the first place, universities, research organizations, small and medium enterprises, both from European and non-European countries.


Summing up, it should be noted that Horizon 2020 is an important stage in developing partnerships with the EU, creating conditions for the integration of the country into European and world economic relations. So, we hope for further cooperation for the sake of prosperity of our home city and creation of comfortable conditions for life and self-realization of its citizens!