Young habitants of Kryvyi Rih plunged into the fascinating virtual world of landscapes of the native industrial city


It's pleasantly to participate in good projects  and especially pleasantly if a great result has been achieved. On the Day of Children's Protection in the park "Mystetskyi", first of all, children shew great interest in the "Tourist Zone" location, organized by the municipal utility non-profit enterpise "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution".

On the whole, a lot of interesting and different zones with surprises and presents were available for children, visiting the different areas of "Weekend of festival of professions for children”. One of them was the "Tourist Zone", through which the children were able to take part in the "Regional Studies Quiz", compete in flexibility, playing Twister with tourist objects of Kryvyi Rih, going to the Virtual Tour in the VR360 headset and become familiar with the interesting excursions in Kryvyi Rih

As a rule, children are not allowed to enter industrial enterprises, because there are certain safety protocols and permit system requirements  as specialist of the municipal utility non-profit enterprise "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution", Olena Halych said, - and thanks to our location, it’s enough to put on VR-headset and you are already descending together inot the mine with workers , looking at the functiong of powerful giant vehicles in the quarry or you can see the foundry of the metallurgical industrial complex with your own eyes based on the presence effect. We have something to tell and show, because Kryvyi Rih is a truly unique and extremely interesting city.


Children's smiles, twinkles of fun in their eyes are the best evidence that the holiday was successful. 12 years old Liudmila Karpovych told about his emotions after visiting a virtual excursion:

"It was very entertaining and spectacular!, the girl cheerfully shared her impressions, “ It’s as if I visited such interesting places by myself. I saw different production processes, the mines. Previously, I could not even imagine how it really looks.  I am impressed very much! Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity!