CDI at the forum "Dnipropetrovsk region: seven tourist highlights of the "non-touristic" land


On 4 June in the Dnipro Museum of Ukrainian Painting the first touristic forum "Dnipropetrovsk: seven tourist highlights of the" non-touristic" region was hold and it gathered representatives of the tourism industry from all over the region. The most powerful industrial city of Ukraine was represented by delegates from the utility enterprise "City development institution of Kryvyi Rih" and the economy department of the City Executive Committee. Kryvyi Rih exhibits became a real highlight of this event.

 The main purpose of the forum was to discuss the experience gained by tourist organizations and the perspectives for the development of the industry in our region.

As noted by the advisor of the head of the Dnipro Regional State Administration Olga Gorb, tourism is one of the most promising areas that needs development. "We all know that Ukraine has rich history and natural wonders. However, not everyone can be proud of it and tell other people about it. That is why we have organized this forum, during which experts will explain and discuss the perspectives of tourism development in our region. The more the region will develop in the touristic aspect, the more the regional budget will be able to receive taxes and, accordingly, spend these funds on its development, "- she noted.

At the forum, several tourist organizations of the region presented their work and opportunities at once. Particular attention should be paid to such a type of tourism as industrial. Today, Kryvyi Rih can be confidently called the leader of industrial tourism.
"Today in our city 80 touristic routes are developed and functioning, which cover the industrial enterprises of the city. We signed a memorandum with several large industrial complexes that are included in these routes. In particular, tourists can visit such giants of the industry as the Southern mining and processing integrated industrial complex, Northern mining and processing integrated industrial complex, Ingulets mining and processing integrated industrial complex , ArcelorMittal ", the head of the local economic development department of the Kryvyi Rih executive committee Iryna Chervonna said.

Industrial tourism: Kryvyi Rih and his "majestic five"

To admire "martian" landscapes of iron ore quarries, to visit mining companies, to look at the mining and processing giant ... For more than 5 years, industrial tourism has been developing in Kryvyi Rih. The city has developed 80 industrial routes, the number of people willing to go through them is increasing.


Enterprise "ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih", Krivoy Rig, photo from

Few people know that Kryvyi Rih is not only the longest city in Europe (126 kilometers), but also the deepest, tells the head of the department of local economic development of the city council Iryna Chervonna. There are 7 functioning mines, which have a depth of more than a thousand meters. From ten largest iron ore mines one is distinguished as the most interesting for tourists. This is Southern mining and processing integrated industrial complex. It has are area of 6 square kilometers - it's like three times larger than Monaco, and its depth is 425 meters: if you immerse the Eiffel Tower on the bottom, it will not be visible at all. However, the city has its own "Eiffel towers" – headframes of the mines, as well as its "lakes" - flooded quarries - and "mountains" - dumps of gangue.


Enterprise "ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih", Krivoy Rig, photo from

"An interesting tourist facility is ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, the world leader in production of steel. The enterprise has an area of 78 square kilometers. It is 2.5 times more than the capital of the European Union Brussels. The enterprise presents two tourist objects: coke-chemical production and an open-air museum", - Iryna Chervonna noted.


Olena Halych, 7 June 2019, Dnipro

"5 objects of Kryvyi Rih have were included the European route of the industrial heritage: they are two objects of metallurgical production, two quarries  attached the Southern and Ingulets mining and processing industrial integrated complexes and the open-air museum of mining equipment of the Northern mining and processing integrated industrial complex. We position Kryviy Rih as a city of active tourism: in the quarries there extreme events are hold, there was a dance flash mob. It is very spectacular. The interest of tourists is increasing, industrial enterprises are becoming more open for cooperation ", - Olena Galych, a specialist in tourist services  of  utility enterprise "City development institution of Kryvyi Rih" informed.