Exciting virtual journey through the industrial paths of Kryvyi Rih


During June, the project "KR 360" on the basis of Central Library "City Library for Adults" was organized thanking to the employees of PU "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution.". Children from summer camps for a day had opportunity to visit virtual trips to the industrial enterprises of our city during the month.

With virtual reality headset of the PU "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" and the developed project "KR 360" children plunged into the virtual world of an industrial city. In their turn, the library staff demonstrated the industrial objects of Kryvyi Rih in photo albums, so the pupils had opportunity to compare the virtual reality with printed photographs. The favorites of the review for children were the descent into the mine "Ternovskaya" of PJSC "Kryvbasszalisrudkom" and the quarry of the Southern mining and processing integrated industrial complex. Virtual excursions create a real "presence effect", allowing you to get acquainted with each object in detail.


Virtual reality impress children's consciousness! It was interesting to observe how the teens in the course of the trip zoomed in and out on  a certain object, looked around , carefully examined separate details, looked up and down, and so on. There was no limit to the surprise and the enthusiasm!
As a modern multimedia tool, the KR 360 project  enhances the image of Kryvyi Rih for tourists and increases the interest of young people in their city.


And yet, despite the modernity and interactivity of the VR-headsets, the real world is nearby and it's beautiful, full of bright colors, huge scales, dynamic movements and impressive emotions.

We are thankful to you our partners from the Central Library "City Library for Adults" of Kryvyi City Council for the cooperation!

The collective of PU "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" wants the young habitants of Kryvyi Rih to have unforgettable holidays and is waiting for further deepening into the virtual reality within the framework of the project "KR 360".

Children’s emotions are priceless!