International tourism forum

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Within the framework of the Industrial Culture Week, an international forum “Transforming the Economy of Industrial Cities through Tourism Development” was held in Kryvyi Rih on September 13.

City Mayor, Yurii Vilkul, and General Director of PJSC “Central Mining and Processing Plant”, Dmytro Shevchyk, welcomed the participants of the forum.

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The event was attended by our guests from abroad, who have already become our friends. Cady Ward, Principal Advisor on Governance of the Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project (PLEDDG), said she was proud to say that her acquaintance with Ukraine began from Kryvyi Rih many years ago.

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City Mayor Yuri Vilkul noted that in 2019 44% more tourists visited and were warmly welcomed in Kryvyi Rih than a year ago.

Ivan Liptuga, President of the Organization "Tourist Association of Ukraine" said that he has been in love with Kryvyi Rih for many years since his first descent into the underground mine in February 2016.

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“I participate in many tourist forums and when it comes to industrial tourism, I always hold up Kryvyi Rih as an example. Today representatives of the tourism industry from many cities of Ukraine are present at this forum. We are here to learn,” Ivan Liptuha said in his speech.

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The participants of the international forum listened to reports on many interesting and actual topics. They discussed about the prospects and priority of the development of industrial tourism in the city, about the benefits of membership in international tourism associations, as well as about attracting investments in the development of tourism infrastructure.

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The main conclusion of the event: the development of industrial tourism in Kryvyi Rih is gaining momentum and in the near future may make our city the national center of this field of active leisure.

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