Industrial Fest-2019: how it happened


Industrial Culture Week was held in Kryvyi Rih from September 9 to September 15. The culmination of the holiday was the long-awaited Industrial Fest-2019, held on September 14 in Shakhtarskyi Park (44th quarter).

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For the third year in a row, this festival is held with the support of the City Mayor Yurii Vilkul. The Executive Committee of Kryvyi Rih City Council and CE "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" were the main organizers of the holiday were

By virtue of the Industrial Week, many interesting and unusual excursions were conducted.

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In particular, the  plein air art event on the headframe of the mine "Yuvileina" of  the PJSC "Sukha Balka", which became the first event within the Industrial Culture Week. Amateur artists ascended to the height of 106 meters to become inspired by unusual angles and to depict the industrial landscapes of their hometown.

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The habitants and guests of Kryvyi Rih had opportunity to listen to the excursion and plunge into the historical past of the city by traveling in trolley buses #23 and #24 and also to visit the Geological and Mineralogical Museum, get to the depot of Kryvyi Rih Tram and learn about its formation since 1935 by virtue of a room type museum created by the workers of the enterprise.

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The international forum "Transformation of the economy of industrial cities through tourism development" was the key event of the Industrial Culture Week was. It was held on September 13 and 14. The event was attended by our guests from abroad, who have already become our friends. In particular, Cady Ward, Principal Advisor on Governance of the Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project (PLEDDG), said she was proud to say that her acquaintance with Ukraine began from Kryvyi Rih many years ago.

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City Mayor Yuri Vilkul noted that in 2019 44% more tourists visited and were warmly welcomed in Kryvyi Rih than a year ago.

Ivan Liptuha, President of the Organization "Tourist Association of Ukraine" said that he has been in love with Kryvyi Rih for many years since his first descent into the underground mine in February 2016.

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The participants of the international forum listened to reports on many interesting and actual topics. They discussed about the prospects and priority of the development of industrial tourism in the city, about the benefits of membership in international tourism associations, as well as about attracting investments in the development of tourism infrastructure.

Industrial Fest-2019 in the park «Shakhtarskyi».

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The grand opening of the festival began with the greeting speech of the City Mayor Yurii Vilkul.

This year industrial Colors Festival consisted of 7 different quarters.

"Industrial Quarter" presented an exhibition of mining equipment and locations of the main industrial enterprises of the city to the guests of the festival.

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The "Masters Quarter" proudly showed an exhibition of works made of local stones, works of art on clothing and souvenirs to commemorate the "life-long city".

"Scientific Quarter" showed the variety of professions of industrial Kryvbas, offered to take part in master classes in creative chemistry, welding metal or even to create the most delicious donut in the world and share it with friends.

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Higher educational institutions of Kryvyi Rih presented various locations that surprised Industrial Fest visitors with their creativity and originality.

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Exhibition of forged metal wares made by local smiths, virtual tours across industrial enterprises using VR-360 headsets, rope park, city travel agencies, museums, "Library on the Poshtova Street", location "Creative Workshop AMW_UKR" ,all this and even more could be found in "Tourist Quarter" of our festival.

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"Art-quarter Industrial" Fest-2019 presented an exhibition of works by local artists "Industrial palette", an exhibition of photo-artists "Iron ore skyscrapers of Kryvyi Rih" to art connoisseurs, as well as an exhibition of art works of industrial themes.

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The organizers related to the creation of the "Children's Quarter" of the festival with special attention and inspiration.

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This year, the young habitants of Kryvyi Rih had the opportunity to take part in competitions using radio-controlled machines "Industrial racing", to play a twister with tourist objects of Kryvbas and to review the traffic rules at the location "My profession is a police officer».

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The youngest guests of the festival were pleased to take part in workshops on robotics and drilling, to put together mega-puzzle maps of EU countries and draw mini body-art paintings.

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During breaks between workshops and new experiences, people could relax and refresh themselves with a variety of street food for every taste and exclusive goodies in the "Food Quarter".

On the stage of "Industrial Fest-2019" entertained guests Kryvyi Rih teams "Living large band", Royalcat, and the true drive and enthusiasm was added by the headliners of the festival "Kozak System".


Team of the CE "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" grateful to all participants, guests and participants of the festival for their inspiration and support.

For three years in a row, this event breaks the constant stereotypes about the grayness and everyday life of large industrial cities and turns the industry of Kryvyi Rih into a bright sight. 

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“We plan to continue this wonderful tradition! See you next year,” Kostiantyn Kasianenko, director of KP " Kryvyi Rih Development Institute" noted.

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