Excursion to the central station of aeration of the CE «Kryvbasvodokanal»

 IMG 6821

As part of the festivities for the Tourism Day, the CE «Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution» traditionally organizes excursions to industrial sites of our city.

 IMG 6823

This year it was decided not to change the tradition and we invited all interested tourists to visit the unique aeration station of the CE "Kryvbasvodokanal", which is very important for Kryvyi Rih.

 IMG 6752

The cool company came together: guides and experienced tourists, photographers and artists.

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Employees of the enterprise gladly greeted the guests at the checkpoint, conducted safety briefing and sent to the starting point of the excursion - places where the sewage water of Kryvyi Rih flows to the first stage of mechanical cleaning.

 IMG 6854

Further there were sand separators, air blowers, aeration tanks, methane tanks and chlorination of water. Emotions are ambiguous but strong: probably none of those present will pollute the water.

Discussion on the processes of water treatment continued until the final point of the excursion - the monument to Cossack Rih (Horn).

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The excursionists thanked the organizers of CE "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" for new knowledge, striking landscapes and the excursion, which was unusual for industrial cities.