Session of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on Ecological Policy and Natural Resource Management has determined new tasks for the city administration and the CDI

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People's Deputies of Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih city authorities, representatives of industrial enterprises, ecologists, and scientists took part in the itinerant meeting of the eco-committee. The actual issue for all the local habitants was the main theme of the event: "Ecological state of Kryvbas: problems and solutions". In particular, it was about renewal of the functioning of the ecological and economical experiment.

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“The essence of the experiment is to provide additional financing for environmental measures by full returning of funds paid by the city's enterprises as an ecological tax for environmental pollution. Namely, we should use the funds from the State and Regional Environmental Funds directly on the territory being polluted - in Kryvyi Rih,”- Mayor of Kryvyi Rih Yurii Vilkul noted.

The mayor elaborated on the measures for the rehabilitation of water resources: restoration of the Karachuny reservoir, implementation of projects of rehabilitation of the Inhulets and Saksahan rivers. Yurii Vilkul emphasized the importance of further work on improving the quality of drinking water, implementing projects on the reconstruction of city sewage treatment plants, as well as construction of new sewage networks.

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The activity of industrial giants and their reduction of environmental impact are important issues for local habitants. The mayor payed much attention to the need to approve the State Program of Investigation of the State of the Technogenic Part of the Earth's Crust of the Кryvyi Rih Iron Ore Basin in order to prevent problems of man-made and natural character occurring in its territory. The project for 2015-2017 was developed in 2013 (customer is Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration, contractor is SHEI "Kryvyi Rih National University"). Due to the political and socio-economic events of recent years, the reorganization of the central executive authorities, the project has not been approved yet.

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Viktor Artiukh, Yurii Vilkul and well-known ecologist and enthusiast Yosyp Maiakov from Kryvyi Rih

Members of the Committee on Ecological Policy and Natural Resource Management listened to the reports of the city authorities and local activists. The decision was made to lobby the interests of the local habitants in the Verkhovna Rada and to achieve installation of hundreds of gas and dust analyzers at the most environmentally hazardous sites of local enterprises.