Do banners on facades work? Friends, what is the function of advertising?

It is about drawing attention to your product or service and, as a result, making a profit.

How to do it effectively? How to convey information to your client?

There is a segment of entrepreneurs who rely on facade advertising and place giant banners with photos of teeth, toilet paper or sausage, which, in their opinion, should surely "entice" the customer.

However, this method has not worked for a long time. The era of such (offline) advertising ended with the advent of the digital environment in our lives.

Other entrepreneurs, who realized in time that the main traffic of information has passed to the Internet, invest in online advertising.

At the same time, the city is not visually littered.

What does each of these types of advertising give entrepreneurs?

The first spend money on advertising "camouflage" of facades, wasting a lot of money. Because it's impossible to track the number of people who responded to their ad and went to the store to make a purchase. And visually, banners do not beautify any object.

Others have a tool that allows you to manage your business advertising from your smartphone using tools offered by Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Moreover, digital advertising is flexible in settings, quickly editable, allowing you to control the process at any stage.

For example, Google Maps will easily and quickly find you among other shops, cafes, salons without a banner occupying the half of your facade.

In addition, you will be able to communicate with your customers, who can leave feedback on your activities.

"Banner" advertising does not provide such functions...

So do you need it?! We encourage all entrepreneurs to reconsider their approach!

Our city deserves respect and order!

#design_code_Kryvyi Rih

P.S. We thank the Department of Spatial Development and Urban Planning for the partnership in the preparation of the material.