Workshop with the mayor: Centre of water sports of sports school for children and youth №1 is ready by 95%

Mayor Yurii Vilkul held a working seminar to complete the reconstruction of the city's largest pool of water sports in the centre of sports school for children and youth №1.

So far, the work has been completed by 95%. Final works are performed in all office premises, locker rooms, showers and gyms. Also, at the final stage of lining the bowl of the pool. 16 jump stands and a digital scoreboard will be purchased and installed.

The head of the capital construction department Valery Katkin reported to the mayor that after the installation of heat pumps, electric water heating and a new treatment system that it will work all year round. The mayor stressed that the pace of work should be accelerated. "Children and adults are looking forward to the opening of the pool. If someone forgot, I set a specific task that the Palace of Water Sports should start working at the beginning of the new school year, " Yurii Vilkul emphasized.

The head of the city also visited the football field of the sports complex "Metallurg" of sports school for children and youth №1 with artificial turf. It was opened in early 2019.

The field is equipped with a modern synthetic coating "artificial grass", and new LED illumination is installed, a tribune for fans and locker rooms for football players are built.

Also, the entire drainage system of the field was replaced, and the area around it was improved. Not only athletes of Kryvyi Rih have already tested the convenience and comfort of "artificial grass".

During this period, more than 116 official matches of championships of Ukraine, region, city and tournaments among young people of different ages were held on the new field. The football department of sports school for children and youth №1 employs 14 coaches and teachers, 483 athletes are involved.