From October the outpatient clinic on Tbiliska Street will be able to care about 12 thousand Kryvyi Rih residents per month

In Kryvyi Rih, 47 outpatient clinics of the general practice of family medicine have already been established and operate for Kryvyi Rih residents. In 2020, almost UAH 161 million is provided from the city budget for reconstruction, capital repairs, equipment of outpatient clinics, hospitals. This year, after overhaul, the hospital №10 in Dovhyntsivkyi district and the modern outpatient clinic in Sunny, Also, in Metallurgical district, outpatient clinic № 2 of Primary health care centre №5 is already open after the overhaul of "block B".

Mayor Yurii Vilkul supervised the overhaul of "block B" of the family medicine clinic, which is located on the street. Tbiliska, 14. In the autumn, it will open its doors to 12 thousand patients from the Metallurgical and Central City districts of the city.

“We are overhauling hospitals and opening new outpatient clinics. The most important thing is the quality, convenience and availability of medical care for every resident. Kryvyi Rih outpatient clinics meet all modern requirements, both in terms of quality of premises and equipment. All conditions are created so that both visitors and medical staff were in a comfortable and convenient environment,” Yurii Vilkul said. In 2017, the "A" block of this outpatient clinic was repaired at the expense of the city budget. In March 2020, the overhaul of "Block B" began.

The building’s floor has already been dismantled, the ventilation and sewerage system replaced, the roof repaired, new windows installed and ordinary doors replaced with metal fire-resistant and plastic ones. On the first floor, all offices have already been repaired, and new plumbing equipment has been installed. On the stairs, there are new metal handrails.

“Builders have completed 75% of the repair work. Currently, electrical and plumbing work is in full swing. The repair of the ground floor and basement are at the final stage. Externally, the facade of the building is being restored, and the territory is being improved. For the comfort and convenience of patients with disabilities, we are arranging offices on the ground floor, a bathroom, and a ramp,” Anastasia Kuznetsova said, director of the Primary Health Care Centre №5.

By the end of the year, it is planned to open in addition to the outpatient clinic on Tbilisi and 2 more outpatient clinics on Druzhby Street and Mykolaiv Chaussee.

The four-floor building of the infectious diseases hospital is also being overhauled, modern angiographs will be installed in the hospitals №2 and №9. Also, design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction and overhaul of the city hospital is being developed. In addition to opening new outpatient clinics and repairing hospitals, modern medical equipment is purchased at the expense of the city budget.