Yurii Vilkul, “We are working to improve the sports infrastructure of the city because the sport is not only for the fitness, but also a sense of team, responsibility, it unites people.”

The first open swimming tournament among veteran men and women took place in Kryvyi Rih within the framework of the Program of sports rehabilitation of combatants.

Almost 100 servicemen competed in the tournament, including those who were seriously injured - swimmers with disabilities.

At the opening of the tournament, Mayor Yurii Vilkul spoke with the guests and participants of the competition, “We hope that such competitions, not only in swimming but in various sports, will become traditional and will be held annually. I am also sure that they will outgrow the scope of the tournament and reach an even larger scale. You are our real defenders, and therefore our main task is to create for you here, near your home, a reliable backside and all the conditions. All this is done for you, your children and loved ones, so that everyone can recover and spend free time for their benefit.”

In 2019, the city adopted and operates a program for the development of physical culture and sports, which provides free access to all veterans, combatants and their families to attend municipal schools for children and youth. Boxing Club 75 will host the competitions. On the first day, there were 15 swims: 2 for women and 13 for men.

“Such sports competitions are needed. For us, sport is not only a victory, high hopes, self-realization but it is also daily work on ourselves,” Ihor Pavlov said, one of the winners of the tournament, a combatant in the anti-terrorist operation.

“We are working to improve the city's sports infrastructure. This year, modern equipment for water heating and filtration was installed at Sports School for children and youth №10. The swimming pool of School for children and youth №7 was recently renovated, and we are not going to stop there. This year, after a major overhaul, we will open the Palace of Water Sports of Sports School for children and youth №1, the reconstruction of “Metalurg” stadium is underway. We will continue to support such measures. Sport is not only the support of physical shape but also a sense of team, responsibility, and it unites people and gifts positive emotions!” Yurii Vilkul added.