For the convenience and comfort of citizens, municipal transport of Kryvyi Rih is gradually implementing non-cash fare

Within the framework of mayor Yurii Vilkul's programme for the development of urban electric transport to improve the quality of passenger transportation and passenger convenience in trams, trolleybuses and now in buses, a system of non-cash fares is being introduced.

In the test mode, validating devices for non-cash fare payment and automated passenger registration were installed in 10 buses. By the end of the year, 452 validators with ticket printing will be installed in city buses, trolleybuses and high-speed tram stations.

Oleksandr Katrychenko, the deputy mayor, said, “At the first stage, we introduced electronic terminals, which are available to conductors on all modes of transport. The next stage is the installation of validators that will allow not only to pay non-cash but also to keep full records, with relevant statistics, of the number and categories of passengers who have used public transport. Also, you can pay for travel in municipal transport with the help of "Kryvyi Rih Card", "Transport Card", bank card and your own gadgets. While the system will work in test mode on 10 buses, conductors will help passengers to deal with it. By the end of the year, 452 validators will be installed in all buses, trolleybuses and high-speed tram stations.”

The first devices will be installed on 10 buses and 14 high-speed tram stations. Due to the technical characteristics of transport, one machine can have three validators, and the other two.

“By the end of the year, 41 stationary validators will be installed at high-speed tram stations, 231 ticket printing devices will be installed in standard trams and 180 validators in trolleybuses and buses. Currently, Kryvyi Rih is receiving a European model for calculating passengers for public transport and reporting for businesses,” Yevhen Kryvenko, director of the Centre for Electronic Payments, said.