“The residents of Kryvyi Rih are the main word and priority in our work,” the mayor of Kryvyi Rih Kostiantyn Pavlov took the oath, called on deputies of all political forces to work together and outlined the main priorities.

At the first session of the 8th convocation of the Kryvyi Rih City Council, which took place today, after taking the oath, the elected mayor of Kryvyi Rih Kostiantyn Pavlov thanked home people for their support and outlined the principles of work on the development of Kryvyi Rih.

Konstantin Pavlov said, “Dear fellow citizens, I am grateful to you for your trust! For me, it is a great responsibility and a clear understanding that a lot of work is to be done.”

On behalf of the people of Kryvyi Rih, the new mayor thanked Yurii Vilkul for many years of work as mayor, for creating a solid foundation for the further development of the city.

Addressing the deputies, Konstiantyn Pavlov stressed that he sincerely hopes that the joint work will be built on key principles: love for Kryvyi Rih, openness, mutual respect.

Commenting on the break of the City Council meeting, Konstiantyn Pavlov stressed:

“I am convinced that the main thing that we must always remember when making any decisions, developing programs, implementing new projects is caring for people, for our fellow townspeople: pensioners, veterans, Chernobyl victims and Afghanistan, anti-terrorist operation and environmental protection veterans, teachers and doctors, students and schoolchildren. Residents of Kryvyi Rih are the main word and priority!”

The new mayor also stressed that all new projects, including the construction of roads, sports facilities, recreation areas, have one main goal that all residents, regardless of age, felt cosy and comfortable to live in the city.

Outlining the basic priorities in work, Konstiantyn Pavlov stressed that they coincide with many items of the programs of political forces, which are presented in the City Council of the new convocation.

“I think it's very good and significant. Kryvyi Rih residents have a request to solve these problems.

Firstly. Strict implementation of environmental programs. This is not discussed.

Secondly. High-quality and affordable medicine, repairs of hospitals, new equipment for them, the continuation of the program of available outpatient clinics. We all understand how important this is.

Thirdly. Development of road transport infrastructure, accessible modern urban public transport.

Fourthly. Urban space improvement of the city. I see cosy not only central parks and squares but also small recreation areas in neighbourhoods, clean and tidy yards in a city where there are actually no outskirts.

Fifthly. Social protection and support of Kryvyi Rih residents. Yes, this is a huge burden on the budget. Yes, of course, the city will not be able to replace the state in all social programs. However, I consider simply humanly necessary to give succour to the townspeople who now need our joint support,” the mayor Konstantin Pavlov noted.

The new mayor also stressed that he is open to any innovative, creative, practically feasible proposals.

“I will work hard myself and demand this from all departments and offices. Work carefully, efficiently, openly and honestly. And I reach out to everyone to work together, both my colleagues and yesterday's opponents. I am sure that we have a lot of good deeds ahead of us,” the new mayor of Kryvyi Rih said.