For all Kryvyi Rih residents, free travel will be introduced in the first half of 2021

However, doctors, teachers, social workers, kindergarten workers will be able to use it from January 1.

This was announced today by Kostiantyn Pavlov at a joint meeting of the standing deputy commissions of the Kryvyi Rih City Council, which began work on the budget of Kryvyi Rih for next year.

As provided by the program of Konstantin Pavlov, in 2021, it is planned to introduce free travel in public transport for the city residents.

From January 1, not only schoolchildren, students and citizens of privileged categories will have free travel, they are 300 thousand city residents. Also, free travel will be for health workers, teachers, social workers, kindergarten workers, employees of urban institutions, it is more than 35 thousand people.

And in the first half of the year, free travel in municipal transport is planned to be introduced for all Kryvyi Rih residents without exception. We shall fully introduce free travel in the first half of the year. It is under certain regulatory procedures, according to the explanations of the State Regulatory Service. Also, we need to provide citizens with "Kryvyi Rih Resident Cards" and prepare the necessary software.

Based on the main parameters of the city budget for 2021, it is planned to maintain and increase social support for Kryvyi Rih residents. Thus, expenditures on socially protective items and social expenditures will account for 84% of the budget. Support for education and health care will be maintained, in particular, 43% of the budget will be allocated for the support and development of education. In general, the revenue and expenditure part of the budget of Kryvyi Rih for 2021 will be balanced and will amount to UAH 7.6 billion.

It is planned to adopt the city budget at the second session of the City Council on December 23.