The city budget of Kryvyi Rih for 2021 has been adopted. The social support of city residents and the development of the city are the main priorities

The mayor of Kryvyi Rih Konstantin Pavlov stressed that the budget is balanced. The main priority includes the continuation of social support for Kryvyi Rih residents, health and education, development of transport and road infrastructure, implementation of investment projects in the field of energy efficiency.

The social expenditures form a significant part of the budget (5.7 billion, 84%). They include salaries for employees of schools and other budget institutions, payment for energy resources and utilities of hospitals, dispensaries, educational institutions, providing free travel for all Kryvyi Rih residents in urban public transport, doubling the assistance to compensate for tariff increases, other social benefits to residents.

The revenue part of the 2021 budget is UAH 7.6 billion, so expenditures correspond to revenues amounting to UAH 7.6 billion.

The city development budget will amount to UAH 653 million. The city development budget will amount to UAH 653 million.

Funds have been allocated for road repairs and maintenance of road infrastructure, UAH 364 million. At the same time, as provided by the Programme of Konstantin Pavlov, most of them (about 193 million UAH) will go to the current repairs of roads, mostly internal, which was the demand of many Kryvyi Rih residents.

400 million will be allocated for the improvement of the city, in particular, a project will be launched to reconstruct the station square in Dovhyntsivksyi district, overhaul outdoor lighting networks, overhaul more than 100 elevators in high-rise buildings in Kryvyi Rih. UAH 58.8 million will be allocated from the city budget for energy efficiency measures in apartment buildings and capital repairs of condominiums.

The programme of renewal of city public transport will continue, and the purchase of 50 modern trams is provided.

UAH 33.3 has been pledged for repairs of educational institutions and purchase of modern equipment for them. It is planned to carry out current repairs in all establishments and major repairs in 16 ones. At the same time, free meals will be available for students of grades 1-4 and students of privileged categories in every school, and in kindergartens, parents will pay only 50% of the cost of children's meals.

The activity of all city children's and youth sports schools, the financing of which has long been refused by the state, will be fully ensured. UAH 143 million is provided for this. An additional UAH 1.5 million has been allocated to support athletes and coaches.

The free medical programme "Health of the Nation", "Stop-Infarct" will be financed from the city budget. Free dentures programme, together with the ophthalmic care, will be continued. Repairs will be carried out in 7 hospitals, and 6 new outpatient clinics will be opened.

The main sources of replenishment of the city treasury include personal income tax and land fees.

The city budget for 2021 is supported by the majority of deputies.