In Kryvyi Rih, significant funds from the city budget will be directed to support housing cooperatives, the overhaul of elevators in Kryvyi Rih houses and energy efficiency programmes

UAH 58.8 million is planned to be allocated from the city budget in 2021 for major repairs of dormitories, condominiums and energy efficiency measures in apartment buildings. In this direction, the implementation of the programmes "Warm House", reimbursement of loans and assistance in overhauling condominiums. Also, systematic work on the overhaul of elevators in the housing stock continues. 105 elevators will be overhauled next year.

“Kryvyi Rih remains one of the few cities in Ukraine where assistance is provided in such a complex issue as the overhaul of elevators. It is very expensive to make a new, comfortable and safe elevator and it requires almost a million UAH. Despite privatization of almost every apartment, we understand that people can't afford such repairs at their cost, as well as asphalting near houses. Therefore, we will help. Therefore, we will help. And this is an important help! For example, in a city like Dnipro, 17 elevators were overhauled last year, we will do 105 in just one year,” Mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov said.

On December 23, 2020, deputies adopted the city budget for 2021 at the second session of the city council. In 2021, almost UAH 1.9 billion is provided for the implementation of programmes aimed at the development and maintenance of housing and communal services and roads. UAH 405.2 million is provided for the improvement of the city. These funds will be used to replace lighting, maintenance and repairs of parks, squares, fountains, container yards, public areas and the purchase of container systems. UAH 38.6 million was considered for the overhaul of water supply and sewerage networks, heat supply enterprises.