In Kryvyi Rih, all educational programmes will be preserved and expanded in 2021

Based on the main parameters of the city budget for 2021, it is planned to allocate more than UAH 3.3 billion or 43% of the city budget for the maintenance and development of the education sector.

“The educational sector of Kryvyi Rih has always been, is and will be a priority. We have not only maintained, but also expanded programmes to provide free meals to students. Free meals will be available for pupils in grades 1-4, children from large families who find themselves in a difficult situation, children from student families and children whose parents are involved or have died or gone missing in eastern Ukraine. Besides, all allowances and surcharges for teachers are preserved. Also, we will overhaul educational institutions and purchase new, modern equipment this year,” Mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov said.

In 2021, UAH 2.7 billion is planned for the salaries of educators. Next year, its increase to an average of 26% is considered depending on the category of employees. These funds are earmarked for the salaries of pedagogical staff of general secondary education institutions, including kindergarten teachers and teachers of out-of-school institutions.

The city budget covers all salaries of other employees in this sector. It includes technical staff, nurses, food workers (not funded by the state budget), energy bills, meals for children and students, as well as all other expenses to ensure the operation of educational institutions.

As part of the implementation of the city's Program of Perspective Development of Education, UAH 33.3 million is provided for major repairs in educational institutions and the purchase of modern equipment. Almost UAH 27.5 million will be spent in 2021 on construction, reconstruction and restoration, the overhaul of educational institutions. In particular, it is planned to overhaul the roofs of schools №73,31,17,55, the swimming pool in the kindergarten №88 and the gym in the school №48.

More than UAH 3 million will be allocated for the implementation of the winning projects of the Public Budget competition and more than UAH 5 million. to purchase equipment.

We plan to allocate almost UAH 12 million from the city budget for the purchase of medical supplies. It includes personal protective equipment, antiseptics, paper towels and more. These measures are aimed at the creation of safe living conditions for children in educational institutions during the pandemic,

At the expense of the city budget in the field of "Education" and "Physical Culture and Sports", it is planned to maintain 339 educational institutions and establishments in 2021. They include 152 kindergartens, 134 general secondary education institutions, including 2 training and rehabilitation centres, 33 out-of-school institutions, an inclusive resource centre, an interschool educational and production association, a centre for the professional development of teachers and 10 sports schools,” Tetiana Kripak, director of the Department of Education and Science, said.