The mayor of Kryvyi Rih Konstiantyn Pavlov has started the project on the development of the residential district “Zarichnyi-4”

He set a task to involve in the development of the project, first of all, residents of the district and the experts from the EU as well.

Pavlov noted: “With the support of EU experts, an urban project will be implemented in Kryvyi, and the residents will participate. The community of Zarichny-4 will take part in the development of a project for the development of the district. As when planning urban space in European cities, Kryvyi Rih residents will formulate what and how should be done in their neighbourhood. "Zarichny-4" will be the first pilot project. It has one of the most complex infrastructures in the city, 20 thousand inhabitants, a large concentration of multi-storey buildings in a small space. Therefore, we will test this model for further modernization of other neighbourhoods as effectively as possible.”

Roman Sukharevsky, a resident of Zarichny-4, said: “I have lived in the neighbourhood for many years, my family and friends live here. I want my yard to become more comfortable together with the whole district.  We are ready to participate in the development of the plan, including some parts of the project works. I think other residents who love our area and live here are ready to do a lot. For example, you need to solve the issue of trash cans, to provide more of them. Resolve parking issues, because it is sometimes impossible to walk through the yard.”

Taisiia Sahudilina, a resident of Zarichny-4 and a pensioner, said: “If the city authorities help to improve the flower garden, I will plant flowers and it will be nice near the entrance. It would be good to have more lighting in the yards at night, and cameras should be installed where young people gather. My son, who puts the car near the house, will be happy about it.”

The Zarichny-4 development project will be implemented in several stages.

“At the first stage, in February - March 2021, the problems of the neighbourhood will be collected and systematized, which will be voiced by the people themselves. Urban experts will help residents to formulate options for solving problems and their view of district modernization. These decisions will be the basis for the second stage of the project - the direct implementation of comprehensive improvement. After the works, the third stage will begin and includes the support of the new infrastructure with the participation of the residents of the neighbourhood,” the first deputy mayor of Kryvyi Rih Yevhen Udod said.

Urban experts from Germany and Poland will also take part in the project.