Thanks to savings and rational use of funds in the city budget, the city received an additional financial resource of about UAH 50 million

It will be aimed at modernizing health care facilities, improving the comfort for children in educational institutions, improvement of recreation areas.

Mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov emphasized, “In the city budget for 2021, we have fully preserved all social benefits and targeted assistance for veterans, people with disabilities, anti-terrorist operation soldiers, large families and others. At the same time, we continue large-scale work on the development of the city, improving its infrastructure, improving the comfort of the life of citizens. Therefore, after receiving a certain additional resource in February, we will immediately send it to solve urgent problems.”

At the February meeting of the Executive Committee of the City Council, we supported the draft decisions on the allocation of funds for important issues in various spheres of Kryvyi Rih.

In particular, in the field of medicine, UAH 1.6 million to complete the overhaul of the laboratory in the infectious disease hospital for PCR research and reconstruction of the premises for the angiograph in the hospital №2.

UAH 3.4 million is for the overhaul of the premises and the equipment of the houses of mercy; UAH 807.3 thousand is for the overhaul of 3 orphanages. UAH 5 million is directed to drinking water treatment systems in educational institutions.

UAH 11.4 million is for the purchase and programming of electronic cards of Kryvyi Rih, which will give the right of free travel in public transport to all residents of the city from May 1 of the year and for the overhaul of Petro Kalnyshevskyi Square, we will allocate UAH 6 million.

Besides, we will additionally allocate l UAH 7.7 million for the purchase of video cameras. It is part of the municipal programme to ensure public order.