According to the instructions of the mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov, the authorities started to collect the offers of inhabitants of the 4th Zarichnyi concerning the improvement of their residential district

On the 9th of February, the mayor of Kryvyi Rih, Kostiantyn Pavlov, set a task to involve its residents, together with the experts from Germany and Poland, in the development of the 4th Zarichny improvement project. "4th Zarichny" will be the first pilot project. The district has one of the most complex infrastructures in the city, with high population density, a large concentration of high-rise buildings in a small space. The model should be worked out in detail to modernize other districts as effectively as possible in future, " the mayor emphasized.

During the survey, we will interview more than four thousand residents of the 4th Zarichnyi. It is a European approach to urban planning - Kryvyi Rih residents themselves will express their own opinion on what and how to do in their neighbourhood. After that, together with the specialists of the city authorities and experts from the EU, they will develop a project for the improvement of the 4th Zarichnyi. The research program passed the expert assessment of the Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU).

“This is the first practice for Ukraine of a comprehensive urban project. Kryvyi Rih forms a new standard of government-community relations in the development of the city. "Who better than the residents themselves can tell where the paths should be laid, whether there is a need for parking and what kind of it? Where it is better to place locations for garbage collection, video surveillance cameras, etc.?” the deputy mayor of Kryvyi Rih Serhii Miliutin said.

Oksana Lazhe, the representative of the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institute and head of the social research subproject, asked the residents of the 4th Zarichny to respond to the interviewers' suggestions and openly express their vision of the future district, “It is very important to have an effective dialogue. The questionnaire will make it possible to record the wishes of all groups of the population.”

Public opinion will be surveyed throughout 2021. The opinion of the residents of the neighbourhood will be the basis not only for the working plan. People will appreciate both the project implementation process and the quality of work performed.

At the first stage, an express interview will be conducted, which will record the opinion of residents of nine age groups (12-15 years, 16-17 years, 18-24 years, 25-29 years, 30-35 years, 36-45 years, 46–55 years, 56–65 years, over 66 years).

After the express interview, workshops will be held with the support of European urban experts. "Workshop means the centre of expert activity. We are planning such workshops on various issues to attract as many residents of the 4th Zarichny as possible, literally from every yard, entrance, house. Within the framework of such meetings, we will work together to collect ideas and suggestions, to draw how and what is better to make it more comfortable," the first deputy mayor of Kryvyi Rih Yevhen Udod said.

“Specialists of the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution proposed a very relevant project of public opinion research proposed. The work done is colossal. The project and the research program are unique to some extent because it is planned to consider the expectations and wishes of the residents of the neighbourhood regarding the improvement and beautification of the public space. The methodological strategy consists of the harmonic combination of quantitative and qualitative methods,” the head of the South Ukrainian branch of the Sociological Association of Ukraine, Doctor of Sociology Olena Lysenko, said.

Larysa Doiar, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, in her turn, noted, “The discussed project on the improvement of the 4th Zarichny district should be welcomed. Modern innovative urban planning is based on the principles of improving the quality of life and increasing the index of happiness of citizens. The environment in which a person lives should be convenient and comfortable. And this is what the project is aimed at. Kryvyi Rih is in every sense a unique city that has grown along with ore deposits and therefore represents to the world not only the longest city in Europe but also a new format of urban space. Our city is a city of self-sufficient areas with everything necessary for life. This is an advantage and a historical achievement, which is very appropriate to integrate with the task of improving the lives of individual districts. In general, it is very important to improve districts according to modern standards and under the requirements of innovative urban planning. It is a common task of the city authorities and the Kryvyi Rih community. Of course, we can congratulate the residents of the 4th Zarichny on the positive changes that await them.

Doctor of Sociological Sciences Alla Labanova noted, “During the project, it is necessary to continue the professional discussion with the participation of urban planners, ecologists, architects, and other professionals involved in the organization of urban space.”

Doctor of Sociological Sciences Liudmyla Kalashnikova recommended involving residents of the 5th and 7th residential areas of Zarichny in the second stage of the study. She motivated the proposal by the fact that residents of neighbouring districts will also use the updated infrastructure. The expert also emphasized the importance to scale project solutions. It is needed for the arrangement of leisure areas, considering the needs of different age groups.

The proposals of experts will be taken into account during the project implementation.