Additional funds from the city budget will be used for the development of the city: to support medicine, education, social protection of Kryvyi Rih residents and urban improvement

Despite the difficult socio-economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the limited financial resources of the city budget, due to the rational use of funds in Kryvyi Rih, all urgent issues of the city economy are solved, all social programmes and infrastructure projects are preserved.

At the April session, the decision was supported to allocate additional resources from the city budget, more than UAH 32 million, for the support of health care, transport, urban improvement of Kryvyi Rih.

Mayor Konstantin Pavlov said, "We are allocating more than UAH 18 million to preserve the health of residents and support medical institutions. It includes the purchase of oxygen concentrators for the infectious diseases hospital, the autoclave of the №16 hospital, medical devices, laboratory equipment, and consumables for laboratory tests of the diagnostic centre. UAH 7 million - to ensure payments for heat consumption by health care institutions. In general, almost UAH 191 million has been allocated from the city budget to combat COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in Kryvyi Rih.”

Also, the funds will be used to complete the overhaul of outdoor lighting networks, urban improvement and the overhaul of preschools. To improve the quality of passenger transportation, the city budget allocates funds for the development of a working project for the overhaul of the high-speed tram station "Zarichna" and "Maidan Pratsi".