O. Vilkul, "The palaces of culture preserved by the city are not just buildings, they are a base for creative development for the development of tens of thousands of children and 250 creative groups. In fact, they are the cultural foundation of the city."

Kryvyi Rih is one of the few cities that, even in difficult economic conditions, does not reduce but preserves and maintains the infrastructure of the cultural sector. Thanks to the city authorities, all 10 Palaces of Culture operate in the city, and they give not only a base for creative teams but also jobs for citizens. Currently, the building of the Mystetsky Palace of Culture is being overhauled at the expense of the city budget. Chairman of the Public Council under the Executive Committee of the City Council Oleksandr Vilkul held a working session on the implementation of works.

The chairman of the Public Council at the Executive Committee of the City Council, Oleksandr Vilkul, noted,

"Volodymyr Velykyi Square is becoming one of the most beautiful places in the city. Monument to Volodymyr the Great with lighting, repaired facades, new road surface, a lot has been done in the park behind the Mustetskyi Palace of Culture. This year's project is a complete thermal modernization of the Palace of Culture. Industrial Kryvbas has always been famous for its creative people, talented craftsmen. After all, a lot has been done and is being done in the city for this purpose. Kryvyi Rih is one of the few cities that has preserved the infrastructure for children's creativity. Almost all industrial enterprises refused to finance the palaces of culture, and the city took them on balance without counting the costs. From 2018 to 2021, cultural palaces "Tsentralnyi", "Inhulets", "Pivnychnyi", "Pivdennyi" were taken on the balance of the city. With the support of the city, they all retained their social and cultural orientation. Moreover, every year, despite the very difficult economic conditions, the increase of gas prices by the central government, and thus heating for the same culture centres, local authorities increase funding for culture and improve the conditions for creative development of residents. An example of this is the overhaul of the building Mystetskyi palace of culture.

To date, construction and installation work has been performed, and the facade has been insulated. New energy-saving window blocks have already been installed in the Palace. Works on electrical wiring and external architectural modern lighting of facades, which will be installed with anti-vandal protection, are nearing completion. 50% of the roof was overhauled. Installation of equipment for low-mobility groups to access the building continues, as well as work on the overhaul of porches. In December 2021, it is planned to complete the renovation.

“Our establishment n is a centre for attracting talented children and youth to amateur art and a basic institution for citywide events and a centre for organizing leisure activities for residents of the district. Currently, the Palace has considerable creative achievements, thus we have 14 amateur groups, 6 of them have the title of exemplary, and 3 are folk-oriented. We are sure that after the renovation, it will be more pleasant for us to work and hold various cultural events for the people of Kryvyi Rih,”  Serhii Mihusha, director of Mystetsky PC, said.

The general fund of the city budget for 2021 provides UAH 327.9 million to support the cultural sector. These funds are intended for the payment of salaries, utilities and maintenance of 3 theatres, local history museum and its branches, exhibition hall, 46 libraries, 10 Palaces of Culture, 3 painting and 13 music schools, 2 art schools and 3 utilities. In addition, UAH 0.4 million was allocated from the city budget to replenish the book fund of city libraries.

Major repairs and reconstructions are also underway: music schools №4 and №10, the city theatre "Academy of Movement", the design and estimate documentation of the school of arts №2, the historical and local lore museum is being adjusted. In addition, UAH 3.5 million was allocated from the state budget for the repair of the facade of the music school №10.


The Mystetskyi Palace of Culture, formerly named after Artem, was built in the 1950s. Currently, visitors to 13 clubs and eight interest clubs are involved there. In general, more than 13,000 children study in the Palaces of Culture, music and art schools of the city, and about 250 creative groups function. More than 2,500 employees of cultural institutions work in the cultural sector of the city.