Yurii Vilkul, “In 2022, we will keep all CYSS and Palaces of Culture, so every young resident of the city will have an affordable opportunity to do sports and develop creatively”

Next year, all areas of the municipal programme for the development of sports and physical culture will be preserved and continued. Almost UAH 219 million is provided for this. These funds are included in the city budget for 2022.

Director of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Svitlana Lavrenko noted,

“Our city is almost the only one in Ukraine that has a network of communal children's and youth sports schools. We have 10 of them. Children can do their favourite sports for free here, and it's more than 20,000 children. On behalf of Yurii Vilkul, the budget and city will ensure their maintenance in full as well as the payment of salaries to employees. Not all parents can afford private sports schools, to which the most of cities have already transmitted, and in Kryvyi Rih, all boys and girls, without exception, have equal access to sports and a healthy lifestyle.”

Also, in 2022, the best athletes and their coaches will receive municipal sports scholarships, for which the budget provides UAH 1.5 million, and UAH 5 million is allocated for sports competitions.

“Together with the support of our young athletes, we continue to modernize and renovate city sports facilities. The budget for 2022 includes UAH 32.6 million for repairs and purchase of equipment. In addition, within the framework of the Participatory Budget competition, 10 sports projects will be implemented,” Lavrenko said.

The city will also continue to fund the Palaces of Culture, which employs more than 13,000 children and 130 creative teams.

Funding will continue even though inspectors sent from Kyiv blame the city authorities for paying salaries from the city budget to employees of theatres and other cultural institutions, as well as for heat. According to the auditors, these institutions should have been self-sustaining or simply closed.

In addition to the payment of wages and heat costs, the industry is being systematically modernized: reconstructions, capital and current repairs of cultural institutions, technical upgrades are being carried out.

In 2022, major repairs will be made to the School of Arts G2 and the Kryvyi Rih Museum of History and Local Lore. In addition, major repairs of music schools №4 and №10 and reconstruction of the city theatre "Academy of Movement" continue.

In 2022, UAH 39.3 million will be allocated to support 3 professional theatres, including wage payments and heat supply.

Despite the difficult economic conditions, the increase of gas prices by state monopolies, the city allocates funds to pay for energy and utilities for cultural institutions. 24.6 million UAH are planned.