Free travel in public transport will be fully saved in 2022 for all Kryvyi Rih residents, and it is a significant saving for every family

At the City Council session, deputies of most factions approved the City Budget for 2022 presented by the mayor's office, which, in particular, provides free travel for citizens, social support for more than 140,000 residents, preservation of CYSS, Palaces of Culture and other social programmes.

Vilkul-Pavlov's programme for free travel for all city residents began to be introduced on 1 January this year and has been fully operational since 1 May. It is a unique programme for Ukraine, which does not exist in other cities. During its operation, the number of Kryvyi Rih residents who prefer public transport has increased by 30%. Thus, a family of 4 saves up to UAH 6,000 of the annual family budget at a ticket price of UAH 2.5. And at the price of UAH 8, as in Dnipro, Kyiv, Mariupol and other cities, the savings are about UAH 20,000 per year for each Kryvyi Rih family.

Oleksandr Piskun, a deputy from the Vilkul Bloc "Ukrainian Perspective", stressed, "In such difficult conditions, the city authorities have preserved all social programmes. It is real support for hundreds of thousands of people today. Free travel is one such programme. I know that the city authorities are being pressured by various inspections, in particular, regarding this programme. Therefore, the decisive position of the city authorities concerning the defence of the interests of Kryvyi Rih deserves sincere respect."

As it was emphasized, free travel is maintained even though previously sent from Kyiv inspectors of the State Audit Office insist that this is a "violation", and the fare, in their opinion, should be the full cost, 14 UAH.

In general, the priority of the approved city budget for 2022 is the social protection of Kryvyi Rih residents. More than half of the expenditures are provided for social items - 57%.

"Social protection of Kryvyi Rih residents is our principled position, and we will defend it in favour of the city's residents," Yurii Vilkul, acting Mayor, said.