Once again about Cossacks


On 19 February, 2013 the first meeting of Working group on realization of the project «City of Cossacks» was hold. During the hot discussion the participants of the meeting (the representatives of NGO «Ingul'ska Palanka of Zaporoz'kogo Lower Army», of thee City Development Institution, leading researchers, regional ethnographers and historians) defined basic directions of the project and the components of future Program of Cossacks Development in Kryvyi Rih City.

Main attention of the Program will be concentrated on the conducting of research measures (archival and bibliographic searching of historical sights of Cossack times, clarification of the date of city foundation, others), educational (publishing of materials for Cossacks popularization, organization of Cossack schools), infrastructural (creation of ongoing mini-Sich based on the Young Seaman Club, establishment of memorable signs and Cossack Glory Alley).

Ukrainian Cossacks is the unique phenomenon having no analogues in the world. To be proud of the glorious past of your country is a task of every conscious citizen. In fact, you must admit that it is not for nothing that every nation honors its national heroes: Samurais in China, Vikings in Scandinavian countries, cow-boys in America, knights in Europe. And what is in Ukraine? The obvious answer is Zaporoz'ke Army as a sample of courage and love of freedom.

While developing the Cossacks in Kryvyi Rih City, we keep the cultural and historical inheritance of the city, approach those high moral ideals which were priority on the Sich, and position Kryvyi Rih as a glorious Cossack region.