Final budget forecasting trainings were held

In May 28-29, 2013 the final budget forecasting training for the partners of EBED Project in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast was held.

The coaches of the training were Jean-Lewie Renault, a senior adviser on budget issues and Olga Romanuyk, a senior consultant on budget and gender issues of EBED Project.
This seminar was the last in the budget forecasting training cycle and was oriented on completing a medium-term fiscal forecasting for every city.

At the beginning of the training Jean-Lewie Renault told about three problems influencing the world economy. According to his opinion they are the following:
Will there be a collapse of Euro?
Will the "hard landing" of China take place?
Will the economy of the USA give some vital sparks in the end?

After Jean-Lewie Renault's presentation the participants considered different methods of profits and charges forecasting and began work in groups on profits and charges forecasting.

During the training it was paid much attention at the budget forecasting models taking into account the updated figures of 2011. After their updating the drafting of reports for presentation of the final version of medium-term fiscal forecasting will start.


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