The workers of the Institution have adopted the experience of Poland in industrial tourism development

On May 20-28, 2013 the workers of PU Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution went on an official working visit to the Polish city of Zabrze. The delegation consisted of Nagornyi Andriy (the director of the Institute), Patsyuk Viktoriya (the leader of industrial tourism department of the Institution), Kazakov Volodymyr (an engineer-analyst of industrial tourism department of the Institution).

The goal of the trip was participating in the 10th anniversary of the International research and practice conference devoted to industrial inheritance usage in cultural tourism. More than 100 participants and guests from the countries of Europe and the World where industrial tourism is being developed actively - Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Peru - took part at the conference.

The reporters of the forum were both the representatives of management and a number of tourism experts. So, Mayor of Zabrze Malgozhata Manka-Shulik made an opening speech as well as Director of the tourism department of Ministry of sport and tourism of Poland Maria Napiorkovska, Vice Marshal of the Silesian province Alexandra Gaevska, Deputy Director of the European mission of Worldwide tourist organization Christopher Imbsen, General President of International Committee on conservation and preservation of industrial inheritance Eusebio Kasanellis, President of the Polish tourist house Pavlo Nevyadomsky, Vice-director of the all Poland department of Polish tourist organization Yatsek Yanovsky, Director general of Center of mining history, Mayor of the Essen City (Germany) Rudolf Jelinek, professors of the Polish universities, members of Polish tourist organizations. The latest tendencies in the industrial tourism development were considered as well as the experience of European countries in transforming of industrial tourism objects into the touristic ones were represented. The very important information was about reconstruction and restoration of industrial objects into the tourist ones in the countries of former socialistic camp, where economic system with managed economy like our one was in the past.

During the scientific conference the workers of the Institution held a series of meeting with the leading European specialists in the field of industrial tourism and industrial inheritance research. They held talks about collaboration in research of industrial inheritance objects, experience of their involvement into touristic business, establishing of scientific and business contacts with the Institution.

Participation at the conference has become of a great value so as on October 10-12, the first International research and practice forum "Industrial tourism: realities and prospects" will be held at the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution.

On the third day of staying in Zabrze the scientific conference continued, the resolution was worked out and adopted, the Fifth International tourist exhibition was opened. More than 70 exhibition stands from 13 countries (Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Belgium, USA, Peru, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine) were presented at the fair. The majority of participants representing their tourist regions had at disposal some informative materials such as leaflets in the shape of cards, book products and maps. The banners of different size were also represented.

To represent the touristic potential of Kryvyi Rih city the workers of industrial tourism department had developed four types of thematic booklets: Kryvyi Rih is a capital of industrial tourism of Ukraine (overall performance of the city), Industrial inheritance of Kryvyi Rih region, Mining landscapes of Kryvyi Rih, Seven industrial wonders of Kryvyi Rih as well as two banners (see a photo) had been prepared.
Thus, participation at the conference has provided us with valuable experience of organizationally-methodical issues and gives us a great opportunity to represent the tourist product of our city at internal and external markets in an effective and bright way. During the business trip the workers of the Institution established contacts with authorities of Zabrze and leading tourist organizations of Poland in relation to the prospects of collaboration in industrial tourism development. They got new information about the latest tendencies in industrial tourism development in the European countries (France, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium).