Report on development of industrial tourism in Kryvyi Rih in 2013

On January 17, 2014 a meeting of the coordinating council on the implementation of the Program of industrial tourism development in the Kryvyi Rih City during 2013-2015. Head of the Administration of Economy Tetyana Pidpal’ko started the meeting with defining the main achievements and acquisitions of industrial tourism development in Kryvyi Rih during 2013 and plans for 2014.

In general, a number of actions aimed to create a new tourist product and promote it at the local and international levels were implemented during 2013. Adoption of the Program of Industrial Tourism Development in the Kryvyi Rih City during 2013-2015 by the City Council provided financing and coordination of the process and became the starting point for industrial tourism development in Kryvyi Rih.

In March 2013 the industrial tourism department was created within PU “Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution”. It comprises leading experts of the city in this field who are involved in tour guiding, working out of tourist routes and implementation of other activities envisaged by the Program. Officials of the City Council departments have monitored infrastructure of the city including accommodation, catering, leisure industry facilities, companies providing transportation services concerning their compliance with the requirements of potential tourists, as it is impossible to ensure a regular flow of tourists without adequate infrastructure.  

A register of objects of industrial tourism, which includes 250 objects (operating enterprises, technological landscapes and objects of industrial heritage).
The landmarks of industrial tourism in our city are PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih", quarries of South and North Iron Ore Mining and Processing Works, mines of PJSC "EVRAZ Sukha Balka" and PJSC "Kryvbaszalizorudkom", dumps and caves of the city and industrial museums of enterprises.
In order to develop the most exciting and cost-effective routes a sociological survey was conducted, which showed that the most desirable places to visit are: mines (19%), quarries and open pits (18%) and non-operating industrial facilities (15 %).

As for the target audience, the main industrial tourism enthusiasts were youth and persons under the age of 45.
In general, about 20 routes were developed and 35 tours involving 1,300 people were guided. The most popular was the tour "Kryvyi Rih – the city of iron ore and metal", its participants had an opportunity to see almost the whole city, from the park named after the newspaper "Pravda" to the Museum of mining techniques of North GZK, located in the district "Damanskyi."

Promotion to national and international tourism market requires great development of tourism opportunities of the city. Thus, the Industrial Tourism department:
- presented potentials of Kryvyi Rih in Zabzhe, Poland at the 10th Jubilee International scientific conference devoted to the problems of industrial tourism;
- presented an industrial tourism exposition at the national exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" and in Kryvyi Rih;
- participated in the Second Kyiv International Tourism Forum;
- designed 5 kinds of promotional leaflets describing the most interesting places in Kryvyi Rih, most of them are published in English too;
- created 3 videos which are soon to be shown to the public;
- hosted the first International scientific-practical forum "Industrial tourism: Realities and Perspectives" with the participation of leading experts in this field from Ukraine and CIS countries;

One of the major achievements of 2013 was the creation of the industrial tourism site as a modern easy-to-use source of information. Now everyone has the opportunity to become familiar with the unique industrial sites of Kryvyi Rih, tourist routes, city infrastructure, etc., and even book a tour online.
Improvement of the locations nearby the tour routes was made, clearing scrap heaps away and upgrading of public lavatories started.
To sum up, 2013 was quite productive, as all activities envisaged by the Program were implemented and the main goal – organization of regular city tours – was achieved.

Plans outlined for 2014:
- to intensify cooperation with industrial enterprises of the city to sign contracts in terms of industrial tourism development (at present  contract with JSC " EVRAZ Sukha Balka " and SIE " Kryvbaspromvodopostachannya" were signed);
- to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign at the national and international levels;
- to develop new routes and increase the number of tours;
- to set pointers of small architectural forms (66 units), their models being developed;
- to present the tourism potential of the city at tourism exhibitions, forums and conduct the second International scientific and practical forum "Industrial tourism: Realities and Perspectives";
- to hold a competition for the best industrial tourism route among city residents;
- to initiate obtaining a preservation status for  existing objects of industrial heritage;
- to continue ordering of the industrial tourism routes;
- to develop a route aimed at foreign tourists (the English version).
Implementation of one of the most ambitious ideas - the inclusion of Kryvyi Rih to the ERIH (European Route of Industrial Heritage) network has already begun, which will open a niche on the European tourism market and provide an opportunity to represent a powerful potential of our city to millions of visitors interested in industrial heritage.