Comfortable Cycling Project

Brief description

Taking into consideration the activity of the bicycle movement in the city of Kryvyi Rih, as well as contemporary tendencies around the world, and its social, environmental, and health-improving effect,  it is reasonable  to promote and  develop  the movement


Building up a modern bicycle infrastructure


- Construction of cycle tracks along the main roads of the city and a modern cycling park

- Cycling promotion as a kind of sports, tourism and leisure-activity among the residents of Kryvyi Rih

- Positioning of  Kryvyi Rih as a promising center for bicycle tournaments and competitions at different levels among the international cycling organizations


- World tendencies of leading  a healthy lifestyle by means of being engaged into the bicycle sport are spread

- Professional cycle tourism is developed as a component of industrial tourism

- A modern infrastructure for bicycle sport is developed in the city

- Environmental situation is improved in the city

- Safe movement of disabled people is provided