Implementation of the national project "Industrial Parks of Ukraine"

Investment attractiveness of the region is an undeniable factor of sustainable socio-economic development. However, the spatial distribution of natural, economic and social conditions leads to significant regional differences in the structure, mechanisms and activities of investment activity in Ukraine.

In order to create modern industrial and manufacturing infrastructure, increase competitiveness and investment attractiveness of regions, the State Agency for Investment and National Projects ( launched a national project "Industrial Parks of Ukraine". The project aims to create 10 pilot industrial park with modern engineering and service infrastructure in different regions of Ukraine.

As noted on the official website of the State Agency, "Implementation of the project will greatly facilitate the access of investors to the market in selected areas. There will help determine the basic essential tools that can be used by the state to support the most promising sectors and work out the working scheme of planning, development and management of industrial parks in Ukraine. Established pattern will be further used for the development of other industrial parks".

In order to participate in the national project "Industrial Parks of Ukraine" experts of the PU Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution prepared a concept that will be submitted to the State Agency for Investment and National Projects after appropriate consultations with professionals and taking into account the recommendations. Currently, the concept has been reviewed and approved by relevant experts of Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency and Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center for Investment and Development.

It should be noted that there are more than 30 types of special economic zones in the world that have different functionality and forms, including industrial parks. Depending on the strategy and objectives of the policy (which may include the development of tourism, banking, insurance, export and transit of economic activities, promoting high-tech sectors, etc.) governments use different types of SEZs and industrial parks are among the most common of the species, which is due to the following factors:

1., Industrial parks enhance investment activity in the economy, usually in the production of high-tech products. Furthermore, an additional source of investment is the state, which finances infrastructure and / or provides tax incentives;

2. Through the introduction of industrial parks the state gets a legitimate opportunity (in terms of norms and rules of the WTO) to "subsidize" investment activity, reducing the real costs of business, creating an investment climate attractive to foreign investors.

3. Development of industrial parks allows economically, environmentally and aesthetically structure settlements, concentrating industrial production in limited areas outside the residential, historical, cultural, and recreational areas. Thus, not only the economy of the community becomes more efficient due to lower transaction costs, but also improves the quality of life and ecological conditions in the respective locality.

Yasko Ilyana

Manager of the program

"International Activities"