Industrial park

Nowadays the attraction of investments is a guarantee of a sustainable economic development at local and national scales. The creation of the industrial park is an innovative way of increasing the investment attractiveness of the region, the creation of a new competitive investment product and new jobs. Considering the need of diversification of the city economy, the development of the industrial park concept is a necessary and urgent task.

The aim of the project is the creation of the industrial park in Kryvyi Rih.

Project objectives:
- development of the concept of the industrial park in Kryvyi Rih;
- submission of the concept for the approval by the City Council;
- selection of the management company and members of the industrial park;
- enrolment of the "Kryvbas Industrial Park" to the Register of industrial parks of Ukraine.

Expected results:
- creation of the industrial park;
- increase of the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the city;
- creation of new jobs;
- increase of the revenues to the budget.

Since November 2013 an active work concerning the creation of the industrial park on the territory of Kryvyi Rih has started. For this purpose the world experience of functioning of industrial parks was studied and the evaluation of the potential possibilities of Kryvyi Rih for the realization of such project was made.

A detailed familiarization of the Law of Ukraine "On industrial parks" determined the algorithm of actions for creation of the industrial park.

In order to coordinate the process a working group of the representatives from PU "Kryvyi rih City Development Institution" and Department of Economy of the City Council was created.

The result of the expert meetings was formation of "Kryvbas Industrial Park concept". The park will be located on the land plot of 34.07 hectares within the industrial area "Kolomiytsevskyy" in the eastern part of the city. The park is designed for 30 years and located in a favourable place in terms of logistics, engineering and technical communications and access to the residential areas that guarantees its supply with personnel potential.

The conception includes the description of the main advantages of Kryvyi Rih as a platform for creation of the industrial park, detailed characteristic of the land plot, forecast resources (financial, material, technical, human, nature, etc.) needed for the creation and functioning of the "Kryvbas Industrial Park", expected resources of their investment, organizational model and other aspects.

Following the Law of Ukraine "On industrial parks", the conception was subjected to consideration by deputies of the City Council and successfully approved at the December session in 2013.

The next step was the creation of a regulatory act on the tender for the selection of the management company of the "Kryvbas Industrial Park". On April 18th, 2014 a public hearing on the discussion of the decision of the City Council "On the organization of the tender and selection of the management company of the "Kryvbas Indusrtial Park"" and the analysis of its regulatory impact, took place in the Kryvyi Rih Municipal Service Center.

At the public hearing, chaired by Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Svitlychnyi, the decision project of the City Council was submitted for consideration of the audience; the main advantages of the adoption of this document were presented further actions of the realization of the project were outlined. Soon "Kryvbas Industrial Park" was given for consideration of Standing Interdepartmental Commission of the Ministry of Economic Development and State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine for the purpose of inclusion in the Register of industrial parks of Ukraine.

As a result on August 21st, 2014 it was recommended to enrol "Kryvbas Industrial Park" into the
Register of industrial parks of Ukraine.

It means that Kryvyi Rih has received essential advantages for providing the investment flow in the city as the enrolment in the Register gives a range of preferences.

It is expected that due to "Kryvbas Industrial Park" 2245 work places will be created and the amount of investments will be 250 million UAH.

Now the main task is to provide the complete filling up of the park with production capacities for its effective functioning.